Founded in 1935 by former optometrist David Josephson, Josephson Opticians has become an integral part of the Greater Toronto community. Our company offers five conveniently located boutiques where we passionately work to fulfill the optical and fashion eyewear needs of our clients. Providing an extraordinary client experience has long been our core principle, and our enduring reputation for excellence has become the hallmark of our company. At Josephson Opticians, the clarity and quality of your vision is of the utmost importance. Our company is unique in our vision for quality as set by the former optometrist David Josephson and Dr Joshua Josephson and we strictly employ licensed opticians so that we can ensure that your vision needs are met with precision. When you shop at Josephson Opticians, you can be assured that you are working with a true professional who is not only able to understand each of your unique vision needs, but will also seamlessly tailor each pair of glasses to fit you and your personal style.
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