Online doctor consultation with 2500+ doctors from 30+ specialties using Mfine. Consult with a doctor online via chat/video and get answers to all your medical queries as it provides top-notch privacy to patients so you can talk to a doctor about conditions that are not traditionally or openly spoken about. Not only is online doctor consultation a convenient process but it also helps you save money.
People often misunderstand the difference between piles and fistula and fissure. It is assumed that these conditions share similar characteristics. However, this is not the case. Learn the key differences between piles and fistula and fissure in Indian patients with their symptoms, causes and the best treatment options for each! Get doctor-approved tips for each.
Out of the 13 vitamins required by the human body, the B-vitamins constitute a group of eight vitamins essential for your body’s metabolic processes. Most natural sources of vitamin b12 are found in animal-based sources of food. Since a significant proportion of the population in India are vegetarians and vegans, it is extremely important to understand how to gain your b12 intake from plant-based sources. Here are the best B12 foods vegetarian in India! (plus vegan options)
Vitiligo is a condition that causes the skin to lose its pigment cells, leading to discoloration. Despite being a relatively common condition, there is still a lot of misinformation around the subject. Expert dermatologists break down Vitiligo myths and facts behind whether Vitiligo is contagious in India. Read to know what causes vitiligo & treatment options for Indian patients.
At ZedCare, we provide a professional Disability Transport Service for the elderly, children, people with disability, NDIS participants and for anyone who find travelling hard by themselves.
Klinikkens psykiatere og spesialister innen rusmisbruk og avhengighetsmedisin har lang
erfaring innen mental helse, rusmisbruk og avhengighet. De gjør undersøkelser,
diagnostiske vurderinger og tilbyr behandling for et bredt spekter av psykiske
lidelser og avhengighetsforstyrrelser. Dette gjøres bådei klinikken i Åsenveien 1
i Ski og landsdekkende med et psykiater.
Our philosophy- Basic is beautiful
Channeling the notion “natural beauty is the best beauty” we believe in making ancient rituals and wisdom available to our customers in Pakistan. At SL basics we understand the importance of your skin and have made it our goal to help you love, replenish and flaunt the skin you are in.
Butterfly Breathables is your one stop shop to fight period and puberty related challenges. Now go head on to face any challenges that come your way
You don't have permission to access this resource.Private Harmony Scan and expert baby scan. NIPT prenatal test for screening Down's Syndrome, Edwards and Patau. Fast results for NIPT Harmony Test in London.
We offer a Early viability scan in London. Dating scan in pregnancy to confrim baby's heart beat, check viability and exclude miscarriage. Reliable 1st trimster scan.
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