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This has been brewing for a while and we can finally open our doors to you! The rugs are rolled out. The pillows and poufs are fluffed up. The benches are all lined up. The Rug Republic experience centre welcomes you to immerse yourself in an experience of all things home decor. Our aim is to walk you through The Republic of Home Fashion while you get to the full tactile experience and shop at the same time!
Are you excited just as much as we are?

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The Rug Republic
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One of the most luxurious as well as gorgeous ways of doing up your flooring is by going in for fully carpeted floors. Using carpets on the floors helps add texture, layer, comfort, and color to the interiors and this surely enhances the aesthetics of the room making it look elegant and plush. Online carpet shopping has made procurement of carpets so simple and easy
If you are a fan of colors then organic wool and cotton rugs have a lot of variety in colors and patterns that will make you fall in love with them at first sight. Making good use of colorful area rugs for living room can help make the place look more lively and fun. Many popular brands offer beautifully crafted rugs made with recycled denim that give any place an ultra-modish and vogue look.
The living room is where families get together to share stories and laughter so the decor done for this area should such that it looks like a nice, cozy, and interesting sit-out for all. Everything from a side lamp to the flower vase put in your house becomes a special part of it. Our eyes and soul get accustomed to all the little elements that we have in our house and even if one piece is missing the place looks incomplete.
The beautiful pictures of ravishing bedrooms are proof of how tastefully done interiors can elevate the look of a room. However there are some common mistakes to look out for while doing up your...
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Carpets making has thus evidently been a part of the world’s culture since long. They are beautiful intricate pieces of art and impeccable craftsmanship that can be passed on and treasured for generations. In this digital age, it is worthwhile to check out home carpets online to choose from a wide array of options before you bring together your lovely home.
One such interior element that is often ignored but is a hidden gem in the pictures is the carpet. Modern carpet design focus on creating designs that are easy to incorporate in one’s household. Once placed in the room they sync so well with the overall aesthetics of the decor that we often miss on giving this accessory its due credit. One of the easiest ways to identify the difference that this accessory makes is to use the space for a day with a carpet and then try removing it.
Some accessories and furniture accents that help to transform the little hidden corners into attractive little work or fun zones include ottomans stools poufs benches, rugs, coffee tables, bean bags, and lamps. These dandy pieces really add a lot of character and functionality to a place without disturbing much in the overall setting of the house. So let’s see how all these trendy and vogue accessories can be used in our house to create some quirky corners.