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TRR wants to do its bit and support India's massive vaccination drive. If you’ve got your jab, this is your shot at enjoying 15% off our entire range of products!!!
Provide us confirmation of your vaccination and we will send you a code for 15% off to shop on - www.trrhome.com
Traditional carpets work amazingly well when placed in a huge area like a hotel lobby or a big dining area of a palatial property. Indian handicraft is like the soul of the Nation. The craftsmen of India have mesmerized all since time immemorial through their finesse and artistic flare, which is shown through the intricate stone inlay work, the beautiful woodcarvings and the magical carpet making.
One such interior element that is often ignored but is a hidden gem in the pictures is the carpet. Modern carpet design focus on creating designs that are easy to incorporate in one’s household. Once placed in the room they sync so well with the overall aesthetics of the decor that we often miss on giving this accessory its due credit. One of the easiest ways to identify the difference that this accessory makes is to use the space for a day with a carpet and then try removing it.
No matter what your interior styling choice is, we are sure to help you find just the right rug to give it an extra edge with some gorgeous and ultra-cool rug options. If you are a fan of minimalism rugs that are simple in appeal and have a clutter-free design are sure to amuse you. Have a look at the cool carpets for sale with The Rug Republic to find amazing geometric patterned rugs in neutral and soft colors.
In spite of the high functionality as well as beauty that rugs add to one’s interior, some people hesitate to opt for them. The ambiguity around how exactly these gorgeous-looking floor accessories are to be maintained is the main reason behind this reluctance. So here is a basic guide to help get tips on how to take good care of your home decor rugs and increase their longevity without much ado.
We offer rugs in sizes, materials and designs to fit just about every space and style. And while we believe there are no rules when it comes to completing your home, size does matter! The number one question we get asked is ‘How do I choose the right size?’. So, if you are now in the market for a rug, or just want to spice up your space, swipe to keep your worries at bay because we have you covered with the simplest illustrated form to know which size to go for!
For a bedroom space, there are a lot of things that one can do easily to make it more interesting and appealing. The fact that these elements give you the flexibility of adding them slowly and steady over time makes it easy to procure them. Just get a few pillows for bed in solid colors along with some nice sequenced cushions, add these to your daily bedding sets, and see how magical this setting looks.
With the current situation of Covid-19 impacting us like never before, a lot of us are spending time at home. Along with work stressors, being locked up at home can have a major impact on us. Changing up the environment we are in can increase productivity. A home office that inspires creativity is easy. It is also a great way to utilise quarantine time.
In light of the current Covid-19 situation, TRR's utmost priority is your safety and health. We are ready to donate 1000 rugs to hospitals and care homes during the crisis of lack of beds in hospitals and other institutions.

For whoever is reading this, please call out to us with any leads so we can reach out to people and companies to donate our rugs!
Some accessories and furniture accents that help to transform the little hidden corners into attractive little work or fun zones include ottomans stools poufs benches, rugs, coffee tables, bean bags, and lamps. These dandy pieces really add a lot of character and functionality to a place without disturbing much in the overall setting of the house. So let’s see how all these trendy and vogue accessories can be used in our house to create some quirky corners.